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From: Vancouver, Canada

Feels most at home: in his home

First of all, one must differentiate between ‘house’ and ‘home’ both often used incorrectly. ‘House’ is simply a physical structure­—an abode to play, sleep, and eat in. Home may not just be the ‘house’ in which one lives, but rather any other place or situation where you ‘feel at home’. Feeling at home is often made possible by experiencing pleasant sensations of familiar sights, sounds, smell, and touch.

The house in which I grew up had a small embroidered and framed piece hanging on the front entrance hallway wall, which said,

‘Dear House, you are really very small. Just big enough for love,that’s all’


Our house was constantly filled with pleasant stimuli such as the aromas of my mother’s baking, the laughter emanating from the many parties, and most of all the many family dinners we had. It wasn’t a huge house, just ‘big enough for love’.

I married a woman who came from the same background and homelife as I did. Consequently our home had the same warmth as the ones we were raised in. We had three wonderful children, and built two beautiful architectural designed houses (one our family home, the other a vacation home).  My family will always remember the comfort and happiness these homes provided.

My dear wife passed away almost three years ago and I now live alone in my home, each and every room conjuring up many fond memories of the past, our enjoyment of life, and the love we had for each other.

No matter how big or small, a home is just big enough for love, that’s all.

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Photo of embroidered piece in Morton's hallway

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