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From: Kozhikode, India

Currently in: Vienna, Austria

Feels most at home: in the local swimming pool

Photo of Amalienbad in Vienna, taken by Nadia Priebe

Adjusting to Vienna has been a bit of a challenge for me. Coming from a slightly more chaotic setting that is Kozhikode, India, the order and high-functionality of Vienna felt almost sterile to me. It's a beautiful city, but it sometimes feels like the living room of a rich acquaintance that you're nervous to move in because you don't want to break anything. Amidst this alienation, I found 'home' in the local municipal swimming pool. The first person who helped me feel more at home was my new roommate. She is a fellow immigrant, having moved from Turkey to Vienna four years ago. I was telling her how I didn't know how to swim and she offered to teach me. 


The pool we went to was a beautiful 1920s art deco structure called Amalienbad. I have loved all my moments there because I'm so focused on learning a new skill, I don't think about the fact that I'm not 'at home'. It's also been an incredible way to bond with my roommate and an opportunity for me to feel Viennese!

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