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Where do you feel most at home in the place you’re currently living? Why?

Home is a feeling.


When we say that something, somewhere, or someone feels like home, what do we mean?

By sharing stories from across the globe, this project aims to reinforce our connections to feelings of home, and also our connections to each other. It's to recognize that despite having different places we call home, we have all experienced that universal feeling of community, belonging, and comfort that comes when we say, "it just feels like home".

Together, we can find feelings of familiarity in unfamiliar times—when our homes have merged with our workplaces, or we've been displaced from communities we hold dear—and recognize that we are not alone.

My story and more about the project

My story: 0:00 - 5:20

More about the project: 5:20 - 6:30
A note on privilege: 6:30 - 7:32

No time to listen? See the frequently asked questions below.

Some frequently asked questions...


What is the purpose of the project?

To create a tapestry or collection of stories from a variety of voices on what feeling at ‘home’ really means.


To find comfort in the fact that we’re not alone in those instances when we feel far from home—when we’re seeking a sense of comfort or familiarity.


To create connections across borders and cultures.


What will be done with people's submissions?

It could end up being an Instagram page, a book, a podcast, or anything in between.

Whatever form it takes, it will be a collection of stories from across the globe, describing where people feel most at home and unpacking the meaning of home.

While I may not take every submission I receive, I promise that any stories I do share will be presented as you have shared them with me. I will also communicate with you and receive consent before sharing your submission anywhere or doing anything with it.


Where do you feel most at home in the place you're currently living?

When I started this project, I was living in Brussels, Belgium.

There, I feel most at home inside a contemporary theatre next to the canal. It's one of the first places I felt embraced, without judgment, in a city that was totally unfamiliar.


There, I can be totally anonymous in a vast audience. I can escape. It feels familiar—the same sensations I feel in the audience of my favourite theatres in my hometown.

Want to hear more? See my intro video above.

Want to contribute?
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